Join us in promoting curling across the province with our
Summer Street Curl event! The Street Curl set features an inflatable
base and borders, providing an engaging curling experience that's
perfect for various events and rentals.

Event Types

Ideal community events and presenting locations include:

  • Annual Farmer’s Fair, Ribfest, Downtown Sidewalk Sales, Waterfront Festivals

  • Markets, Indoor Malls, Sports Bars and Restaurants

  • Other Sporting Events

  • Business Fairs, Tradeshows and Corporate Challenges


Registration is Open for all clubs

Please be sure to read all the information below before starting your reservation
Have questions?  Please contact Rebecca for more information
regarding street curl:

Requests will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. 

Many Canadians know curling exists, but what they don’t know is how to get involved. Street Curl provides a fun way to try curling without the ice! With the mini blow up curling sheet and curling rocks on rollers, your club can host one on one competitions for local fair and event participants. With the help of club members you can attract youth and adults to your club for Learn to Curl and League programming for the 2024/2025 season!

Best practices for promoting your club

  • Create brochures for distribution at your event. Brochures should include information about leagues offered, equipment rentals, club location, and contact information.

  • Host a “Try Curling Day” at your club in the fall and focus on promoting this day. Visitors who have never tried curling may not want to commit to a 6-week program just yet. 

  • Setup a table with curling equipment (brooms, step on slider, rocks, etc) for visitors to see and try. If you want to take this a step further, a hockey shooting pad can be used for trying sweeping outside.

  • If the event is in your Curling Club parking lot, offer tours of the building. Even if there is no ice, seeing the space can help visitors feel welcome.

  • Have excited, knowledgeable, welcoming volunteers. Youth members can be good at promoting the sport too! 

To collect emails:

  • Have a sign up sheet for Youth Programming

  • Have a sign up sheet for Adult Learn to Curl

  • Have a sign up sheet for the club email list 

  • Host a raffle for prizes (could offer a free membership)


Clubs are responsible to have someone pick up and drop off the units at a predetermined place and time.  Rebecca will be responsible for assisting with the logistics between clubs.

Clubs that would like to have the units staffed, please contact Rebecca at CurlON directly for availability and price


CurlON member club pricing:
$100.00 for up to 3 days (Friday-Sunday)

Non-CurlON member club pricing:
$300.00 for up to 3 days (Friday-Sunday)

Staffed units: please contact Rebecca for availability and pricing (

*There is a cap on the number of staffed events per season

Please see this video for a set up demonstration of the street curl unit

  1. CurlON will provide insurance for the usage of the units.

  2. CurlON will provide logistical assistance for clubs to pick up and drop off the units.

  3. CurlON reserves the right to cancel a registration due to unit damage or malfunction.  In the event that CurlON cancels, a refund will be issued.

  4. Any staffed events will include a predetermined window for arrival and departure.  We will do our best to arrive within the specified window, however no guarantees can be made due to traffic and construction.  Our team will do their best to communicate enroute if possible.

  1. Clubs are required to fully complete registration to reserve their unit.  Registration is not complete unless payment is made.

  2. Any registrations that have not been paid, will be deemed incomplete and the registration spot will open to another club.  No registration or dates will be held.

  3. There will be refunds of 90% offered for cancellations 21 days before the first day of expected possession. There will be no refund provided for cancellations within 21 days.

  4. Clubs are required to report any damage or missing parts to Tracy Bradley immediately as this may impact the next club. If a unit is damaged beyond repair, the club is required to pay a $1000 fine to help replace the unit. (

  5. Clubs are required to pick up and drop off units to predetermined locations. We will ask clubs to travel up to 75km each way (drop off/pick up) to the next site. This distance might be further on long weekends. Dimensions of the units can be found here.

  6. Clubs should be prepared with a generator and/or power source to inflate and deflate the unit throughout their use.