Curling Canada

U12 RockStars

Curling Canada’s RockStars U9 – U12 Curler Skill Development Program

Curling Canada’s RockStars Awards Program has been developed to be consistent with its Long-Term Curler Development framework. The purpose of the RockStars program is to recognize the ongoing development of a wide range of essential skills in FUNdamentals (1-2 years curling experience) and Learn to Train curlers (3-4 years curling experience).  After taking one year of a Learn to Curl program to learn the basics of the sport they will progress to FUNdamentals and then Learn to Train.

With skill-based mastery in mind, the RockStars Awards Program is organized around five key skill categories (i.e., Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, and Social), which together form the foundation for a number of objectives, called “Stars”.  There are two achievable levels for FUNdamentals curlers, Red and Blue, and two levels for Learn to Train curlers, Silver and Gold.  The levels represent a mastery of various skills within each star sub-category.

Curlers will each receive a luggage or bag tag to be put on their curling bag.  Each year of program completion the curler will receive the respective star to place on their bag tag representing skill mastery.

Program includes:

★     12 lesson plans for FUNdamentals and 12 lesson plans for Learn to Train categories.

★     Easy-to-complete progress reports which coaches are asked to make available to curlers/parents every 6-12 weeks depending on the structure of the program.

★     Warm up activities and video links to Curling Canada videos.

★     Drills with diagrams throughout the program and organized together at the end for quick reference.


★     $150 + shipping for the RockStars binder with manual, progress reports and report cards along with a digital version each of these documents.  Digital versions of any updates to the manual will be sent out to all curling clubs utilizing the program each year.

★     $5 per luggage tag to be given to each curler.  After the first year, luggage or bag tags would only be required to be purchased for new curlers as returning curlers to the program would use the same tag.                                                         

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