CurlON Clinics Program (CCP) Instructor System

This CurlON Clinics Program (CCP) Instructor System is intended to streamline all CCP administrative and facilitation resources for the program.

The information contained within this area may contain privileged information intended for the specific use of CurlON and CurlON’s Clinics Program and Instructors. The information is for the private use of CurlON programming only. Any disclosure, copying, distribution of this information for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. If you have received this content in error, please notify CurlON immediately by telephone at 877-668-2875 or e-mail at lbishop@ontcurl.com. Thank you.


COVID19 and Instructing

The OCC has provided the following document on “Return to Coaching Curling in Ontario” document for all Instructors. If you have yet to review, please do so prior to working any assigned clinic. Instructors will be provided with CurlON branded PPE.