2024-2026 TERM

CurlON's Board of Directors

We are currently in the process of filling some positions on CurlON's esteemed Board of Directors. As the governing body for curling in Ontario, CurlON plays a vital role in shaping the strategic direction of the sport and supporting its growth and development across the province.

About CurlON's Board:

CurlON's Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds within the curling community, including athletes, coaches, competition officials, club managers, and more. Together, the Board collaborates to set Ontario's curling strategy, oversee governance practices, and drive initiatives that promote participation and excellence in the sport.

Nomination Packages

The nomination packages for the upcoming board elections are now accessible below for your review. We encourage you to dedicate time between June 1st and June 15th to thoroughly examine these submissions. There are five positions available for election. You will be required to rank your votes from 1-5 with #1 being your highest ranked choice.

It is important to note that the nomination forms may contain 'overflow' content. We recommend clicking on areas within the PDF where you spot a + sign to view the nominees' complete responses.

In assessing the nominees, we strongly urge you to align your evaluation with the specific skills and experiences that CurlON is seeking for the 2024-2026 Board. Board members are required to set strategic direction, provide oversight to the CurlON organization and steer the CurlON organization to achieve its strategic goals outlined in the current "Strategic Plan for Ontario". As a not-for-profit governance, selecting nominees with a highly rated competence in key areas identified is imperative. Since all candidates feel strongly about giving back to the sport of curling it is left to you to determine if some applicants are more suited to remaining at an operational focus within their member club.

Our focus for this recruitment cycle is to identify candidates who possess expertise in the following key areas:

  • Financial literacy with accreditation in accounting, financial planning and operational controls

  • Not for profit governance experience in sport (recreational and competitive)

  • Strategic planning and oversight experience

  • Leadership in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

  • Human resource leadership

  • Ice and facilities management 

Voting will officially open on June 15th and will close on June 30th. On June 15th, you will receive an email containing the voting platform and detailed instructions. Your participation in this process is vital in ensuring that we have a well-rounded board equipped with the necessary skill sets to serve the Curling community effectively.



• Earl Anderson, Port Elgin Curling Club

• Rick Helm, Milton Curling Club

• Tim McChesney, Oakville Curling Club


• Alana Del Greco, Chinguacousy Curling Club (Brampton)

• Michael Anderson, Richmond Hill Curling Club

Eastern Ontario 

• Ling-Yue Hung, Rideau Curling Club

• Margo Burgess, RA Curling Club

• Neil Monkman, Navan Curling Club (Ottawa)

• Patricia Warner, Bobcaygeon Curling Club

• Susannah Moylan, Haliburton Curling Club

South Western Ontario 

• Ed Desormo, Burlington Golf and Curling Club

• David Moncur, Sun Parlour Curling Club (Leamington)

• Gina Grosenick, Huntley Curling Club (Carp, Ottawa)


If you have any questions regarding the nomination packages of CurlON's Board of Director nominees, please contact nominations@ontcurl.com.

Next Steps

The successful candidates are now available to CurlON's voting members from June 1 – 15, 2024, with voting taking place between June 15-30, 2024. Successful candidates will be notified by August 1, 2024.