CurlON Board Elections

Annually prior to the Annual Meeting, the Nominations Committee will seek candidates for election to the Board for a two-year term.
Carmelinda Del Conte Margot Shepherd-Spurgeon Gerry Sundwall

The polls have closed and we would like to congratulate Carmelinda Del Conte, Margot Shepherd-Spurgeon, and Gerry Sundwall on their successful re-election to the Board of Directors for another two-year term. 

We are grateful to all of the nominees for their interest in the Board of Directors. Anyone interested in the full results, including the voting tally, can contact Jackie@ontcurl.com.

Candidates Information

Nomination process to become a candidate to the Board of Directors along with timelines and information.

Opens: April 8th Closed: May 9th

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An online third party application election was be held May 24th - 31st with all confirmed club voting delegates receiving access to their online ballot.     

96 of 112 Registered Voting Delegates completed their ballot to elect three directors. Quorum for the election is 50 votes.

Voting Delegates

Clubs are asked to confirm their voting delegate who will vote in the One Club = One Vote Election process by May. 9th, 2023. All affiliated clubs must register their voting delegate annually.

Delegate Registration - Now Closed

Please note, when more than one delegate has registered for the same club, the first person to register will be sent the vote for that club.