Men's Tankard

Rules and Regulations


CurlON announced on November 24th in a release to competitors that they intended to host five (5) championships during the season due to COVID-19.

For the Ontario Men's Tankard a direct to provincial qualifying system will be used with the following formats based on total number of entries:

  1.     2-8 teams           Round Robin Provincial with a 3-team playoff (Semi - Final)

  2.     9-12 teams         Triple Knockout Provincials with a page playoff

  3.     12-26 teams       2 x groups of 12 knockout qualifiers to advance 2 teams each group to a 6 team                                    round robin (+2-2020 CTRS Direct Entry) with a ONE GAME PLAYOFF FINAL

  4.     27 + teams          Group knockout qualifiers (max 12 per group) to advance teams to either 6 or 8                                    team round robin (+2-2020 CTRS Direct Entry) with a ONE GAME or SEMI/FINAL                                    PLAYOFF

ENTRY OPEN - December 4, 2020                     ENTRIES CLOSE - December 20, 2020

ENTRY FEE - $ 360.00 includes HST, Curling Canada Competitor Cards, OCC - High performance fee