A Letter from our
Executive Director

Announcing Engagement Tour

Greetings to all Curling Club Managers, Presidents’, and Board of Directors,

After two and a half months into my role as the Executive Director at CurlON, I am excited about our potential as an industry and the future of CurlON. Over the last two months, I have been focused on understanding our landscape and operations behind the organization. Now, it’s my time to listen to you!

A major commitment of mine, our board of directors, and our staff, is a new mindset of engagement with you, our member clubs. At CurlON, we understand we need to improve our communication with our member clubs and stakeholders and ensure what we are delivering to you aligns with your needs, your expectations, and how we can better serve you. We are committed to better listening and better delivery of our services and programs. To do so, we need your engagement!

With support from our board of directors, we are announcing a Virtual Engagement Tour with all member clubs. As the Executive Director, I am inviting each member club to book a virtual session with me to discuss opportunities for CurlON improvements, what we are doing well, what we need to improve on, and much more. These sessions will be 90 minutes in length and available from December 11 thru March 1. We encourage clubs to book this session with their entire operational staff and/or board of directors. The growth and future of CurlON and curling in Ontario starts with each of us.  It is my hope that every member club will take part in this Engagement Tour and provide us with your direction for curling in Ontario.

To book a session, please click here.

Note: either the President/Chair or Club Manager should complete this survey to book a session on behalf of your club.

We are also giving you this advance notice as part of this Engagement Tour will be an invitation for all stakeholders (club participants, coaches, competitors, volunteers, and more) to book individual sessions with me for one week periods in December and February. This will be announced tomorrow to all stakeholders. We would encourage you to send the public announcement to your members.

I look forward to meeting with all of you and being part of the collective growth and success of CurlON and curling in Ontario.

Matt Allen, CurlON Executive Director