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Contacts for Board

Annually the Board is elected to govern the Association on behalf of its Member Clubs.

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Bylaws & Constitution

CurlON bylaws govern the Association in how the Board and Member Clubs govern/operate.

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Mission, Vision & Values

The guiding statements for the Association which guides the Board and Operations team.

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Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Plan of the Board that states its goals guides Operations to builds their plan. 

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Org. Chart

Organizational Chart for Curling in Canada and Ontario with links to Provincial Sport Organization.

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Full list of policies including Ministry mandated, Board and Operational policies for CurlON.

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Annual Meetings

All information for Annual Meetings of the Members including Annual reports, agendas and minutes. 

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Board Elections

Annually the CurlON Board host an election for a minimum of four (4) candidates to serve a two year term as Directors.

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