Understanding Triple Knockout in Curling

Welcome to the world of triple knockout curling – a thrilling tournament format designed to separate the best from the rest. Here's a detailed breakdown to guide you through the dynamics of this exciting competition and its modified page playoff system:

1. Triple Knockout Stage:

  • Three Lives: Each team starts with three lives or chances to stay in the competition.
  • Bracket Movement: All teams start in the A bracket. Upon losing a game, teams move to the B bracket after the first loss and then to the C bracket following the second loss.
  • Elimination: A team faces elimination from the tournament after their second loss. A third loss in the triple knockout stage results in the team being eliminated from the competition.

2. Modified Page Playoff System:

  • Advancing Teams: Teams that survive the triple knockout stage move on to the playoffs.
  • The teams moving forward are the winner of the A, B, and the two teams from the C brackets.

3. Playoff Structure:

  • The winner of the A side plays the winner of the B side and the two winners of the C (C1/C2) side play against each other.
  • See example brackets below.

Example Triple Knockout Brackets

Scroll through the images to see the A side, B side, C side and Playoff layout.
Example Triple knockout schedules